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Learning to protect children from sexual violence


EU project to develop a gamification learning platform started  


How can children and adolescents be better protected against sexual violence? By education! All experts agree on that. Now in Palermo, a project has been launched that, for the first time in a larger European context, focuses on the prevention of sexual violence and adult education. The partners from eight different countries are working together to develop a learning platform for all who, as lay people, should learn how to deal to prevent child sexual abuse and identify and help those who experience such abuse.


Organize a tent camp? Coach of a girls football team? Head of a group of confirmands? In many contexts adults have to do with children, even though they do not really have proper education for it. "So much can happen: who knows how to behave properly when an adult becomes overbearing at the camp? If one notes that a child at home may be the victim of abuse? If you yourself are tempted and crossing boundaries? "That's why you want to create an offer that reaches people as low-threshold and attractive as possible. Michael Sommer from the Academy Klausenhof in Germany, who developed the concept of the three-year project "STOP! Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: New Methods, Content and Approaches in a European Context ". It is funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.


The learning platform is based on the gamification principle, in which users can playfully go through different learning areas with tasks, knowledge units, scenarios, etc. and in the end achieve a kind of "reward". A special feature is that the graphics are drawn specifically by an artist, which is determined in the context of a call for tenders. "Images are very strong and emotional - and their learning effect is sustainable. That's why we put so much emphasis on good and expressive graphics. "At the first meeting in Palermo, it was decided that the individual learning areas with the topics of institutions and prevention work, empowerment of children and adolescents, perpetrators, victims, facts on sexual abuse, and intervention to deal with acts. The platform will be available in eight languages. In addition there are didactic material for prevention trainers and videos about the opinion of children and adolescents on the subject.


In addition to the Klausenhof, organizations from Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Poland are participating in the project. The Polish partner, the "Empowering Children Foundation" ist  the biggest NGO in Poland with 100 employee working in the field of child abuse for 30 years and specialize in child sexual abuse. It takes care of the content, while "die Berater" from Austria is responsible for the programming of the learning platform.


Stories on the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe EPALE



How can child abuse be prevented? Adult educators and people whose job it is to protect children have created an artistically ambitious “serious game” as a new means of preventing child abuse. An online platform aims to provide basic behavioural guidelines and information on sexual violence to all those who are in close contact with children.





Jak można zapobiec wykorzystywaniu dzieci? Dzięki ambitnej -pod względem artystycznym- „serious game“, edukatorzy dorosłych i osoby zajmujące się ochroną dzieci obierają nową drogę w pracy prewencyjnej. Na platformie internetowej wszystkie osoby, które mają do czynienia z dziećmi, poznają ważne podstawowe zasady postępowania z dziećmi i przemocą seksualną.



Wie lässt sich Kindesmissbrauch verhindern? Mit einem künstlerisch ambitionierten „serious Game“ beschreiten Erwachsenenbildner und Kinderschützer einen neuen Weg der Präventionsarbeit. Auf einer Onlineplattform sollen alle, die mit Kindern zu tun haben, wichtige Grundregeln über den Umgang mit Kindern und über sexualisierte Gewalt lernen.


Other Publications

The issue 1/2020 of the magazine "Adult Education" dealt exclusively with the topic "Prevention of abuse and sexualised violence". The issue explicitly referred to the launch of the Stop! project. The editor of the magazine is Stop! coordinator Michael Sommer. Authors in the issue are e.g. the leading expert on the topic Jörg M. Fegert, affected persons and practitioners.
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On page 24, the project itself is presented in detail.


Report on Stop! in the magazine of project partner Akademie Klausenhof  (January 2021).