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Erasmus+ project strategic partnership


The goal of Erasmus+ project STOP! is to develop new digital methods and content that will help prevent sexual abuse in Europe. The project provides informal learning opportunities for all who work with children and adolescents.

These learning opportunities are expanded and supplemented for professional trainers who will receive new tools and material for their work. Through European cooperation, existing prevention concepts will be incorporated into the participating countries.


At the heart of the project with eight partners all over Europe is the development of an e-learning platform that is designed to be used by non-professionals as well as trainers in further education. The learning platform will be graphically / artistically appealing and attractive. Anyone who has anything to do with children and adolescents should be able to learn here how to behave correctly, what to do in crisis situations, how to recognize abuse, what the legal situation is, etc.


It covers classical areas of prevention work as well as new and innovative approaches. In addition, there is a toolbox for coaches, which arise from the thematic fields and can be used directly for prevention training.



Child abuse in Europe

Facts and figures about child abuse in Europe

Prevention methods

How can children be best protected and strengthened?

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